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How to Hide Lovers from Your Half?

Obviously a lot of men have more than one girlfriend at a time, or have a lover and a wife or use services of Kiev escorts regularly. Sometimes it happens that two ladies appear in one place and it is completely impossible to hide an affair and avoid scandal. It is not a problem only with professional Kiev escort who knows how to behave in any situation, as she is extremely qualified in ‘conspiracy’. But if your lover is a common woman with no special skills, most likely you should not hope for her help. If you value your relationship and don’t want to ruin it by your affairs, learn how to keep all your ladies separately. Experienced Kiev escorts give recommendations from their own experience.

The first and major rule – don’t bring your lovers at home. The most fatal situation is when your girlfriend (wife) opens the door of your bedroom and sees how you make love with some other girl. It is impossible to justify such conduct. That is why it is better to exclude even the possibility of this situation. Experienced Kiev escort girls advise to use hotel rooms, meet on her own territory or if it is affordable, rent a separate room or flat for your sex adventures. read more →